Welcome, and thank you for spending some time with me today. This site combines several components, including links to my publications and a schedule of events. You can peruse books under the “books” link; this link includes works that may appear in anthologies. You can purchase print and electronic copies of most titles. In addition, we have included a page containing some topics of interest to writers as cover letters, publication hints, and information about agents.

I earned a BA in English at Hobart College; I studied with Dr. Jim Crenner and Dr. Cheryl Forbes. My MA is from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where I studied with Mr. Earnest Gaines and Dr. Joe Andriano. My PhD is from Binghamton University where I focused my studies on creative writing. In addition, I studied Folklore with Dr. Libby Tucker and American Literature with Dr. Bernie Rosenthal.

I sometimes think of my life as the sum of its equitable parts:  husband, father, son, brother, friend, writer, teacher, citizen of planet earth. The sum of these gifts is too great for me to bear simultaneously at any given moment. I admit that sometimes I do not measure up to all responsibilities, and my choices appear neither equal nor predictable. Occasionally, I focus more on teaching than on my friendships; at times, I focus more on writing than on my marriage. In spite of years of effort, I remain a man of multiple desires and inconsistent discipline. After all, what is life if not an accumulation of heterogeneous experiences, feelings, and relationships, never measured in  accountable quantities, though constantly offering an undulation of quality? And yet these varied distinctions infuse the processes by which my life unfolds. Indeed, it is these very instabilities suffered, survived, and salted away which become the characters, plots, settings, themes, and drama of all our stories. This multiplicity of daily exuberance makes each of us different, and it is this characteristic of individuation that makes every writer and every reader unique. These moments connect us as human family, and  I am joyful we connected today.

Thank  you again for exploring my website.

May our Lord bless all your efforts, grant you abundant adventures, and keep you in His peace.