For Students

The following list enumerates the names and addresses of publications that encourage student submissions. Some journals publish creative writing, some publish critical writing, and some publish both. If you feel like you’re ready to begin publishing some of your work, perhaps one of these will be a good fit. Keep in mind that all work must be 12 point font, double-spaced, and errorless. Each journal will list submission requirements, including on-line submissions, so check each publication. All critical work must be in MLA format unless the journal states differently. High school students interested in the arts may investigate the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers.

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The Alboin Review – Literary Magazine
The Allegheny Review – Creative Journal
Analecta – Creative Journal
bird’s thumb – Creative Journal
The Blueshift Journal
Catfish CreekLiterary Journal
The Dead Mule School – Literary Journal
Fantasy and Science Fiction – Fan & SciFi
Harpur Palate – Literary Journal
Ibbetson Street Press – Creative Journal
Louisiana Review – Creative Journal
The Blue Route – International Literary Journal for Undergraduates
The Junior Writers and Readers’ Magazine
The Pacific Review – Literary Magazine
The Quaker – Journal of the Arts
Southwestern Review – Creative Journal
Susquehanna Review – Creative Journal
Wilderness House Literary Review – Literary Review
College Undergraduate Poetry

MOSIAC – an Art and Literary Journal

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Critical Journals
Young Scholars In Writing:  Undergraduate Research In Writing And Rhetoric
The Oswald Review